Ocean Lakes-Myrtle Beach

our granddaughter, Eden, in front of 6 lakes at Ocean Lakes RV Park.
our granddaughter, Eden, in front of 6 lakes at Ocean Lakes RV Par


What a gem of an RV Park! It is quite large and it’s an open sea of RV’s…but, what it lacks in aesthetics it more than makes up for in amenities. This has become our new “favorite park”.  Ocean Lakes RV Resort is actually located in Surfside Beach, which is about 5 miles south of downtown Myrtle Beach.

We noticed this RV Park 3 or 4 years ago, but from the outside it simply looked like a Giant, Corporate parking lot disguised as an RV Park.  This past September it was the only park in the Myrtle Beach area that could take us over a weekend.  I was late in making the reservation.  Our original reservation was for the second weekend in September, but due to a death in the family, we had to move our stay dates to early October.

We were pleasantly surprised.  Upon check-in we found the staff  extremely friendly, very knowledgeable about the park and area, and wanted to make sure that we were going to have a great stay.  The RV spaces are all pull thrus.  There are many beach front spaces and many that are well-removed from the beach.  The furthest space from the beach is about 1000 feet. Walking to the beach, from any RV space, is very easy as long as you have a wagon or cart to pull all your junk.

Golf cars are for rent to use within the campground.  If you don’t rent a golf car or have one of  your own, then make sure you bring bicycles.  This park is huge!  You will want some form of transportation (other than a car or truck) to maneuver from one end of the park to the other.

Ocean Lakes has an olympic sized outdoor pool AND a slightly smaller indoor pool.  The town center (center of RV park) includes a grocery store, a laundromat, and quick serve restaurant.  Also, Ocean Lakes has its own post office!

There are 6 lakes and they are all stocked for fishing.  It’s catch and throw…so you really can’t catch tonight’s dinner.

Ocean Lakes also owns an on premise RV service company, so solutions to any RV problem you have is not too far away.  They also have an RV storage facility.  For $62 per month (October, 2014) you can store your RV in their storage facility.  When our RV stay came to its conclusion, we simply packed up our 5th wheel, and got it ready to be towed away.  Ocean Lakes towed our Fifth Wheel to Storage after we left;  and there is no charge for this service!   All we have to do for our next visit, is to call and make the reservation.  Ocean Lakes will deliver our Fifth Wheel to our site, level it, and it will be ready for us when we arrive!  Now that’s RVing!


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