Fall Colors Trip 2014

Our annual Fall Colors Trip is always one of our favorites.  This year we went to the Maggie Valley/Waynesville area of western North Carolina and Asheville, NC.   During the 8 days, we were in the “Leaf Country” we experienced spectacular fall weather, then a winter storm, and the trip closed out with more spectacular fall weather.

Our first stop on this trip was Creekwood Farm RV Park in Waynesville, NC.  Our rig backed up to the Creek.  Creekwood Farms RV park is conveniently located to Waynesville and Maggie Valley, and it is a great tapestry for the fall colors.  We enjoyed our stay.

Our main purpose for staying in Waynesville was to make the trek downtown to Mast General Store.  There is something very comfy about this store.  The creaky wooden floors, the wood smell, and all the really cool stuff displayed across 3 floors gives it a very homey and welcoming feel.  Because of the multiple floors and wooden floors there is a sense of walking back in time.  Yet, the store has the BEST  and large selection of outdoor clothing and stuff.  Stuff just jumps off the shelves and holler, “buy me because I’m really cool!”  So, of course we walked out of there a couple of hundred dollars poorer and weighed down by flannel shirts, hats, gloves, and boots.


Most of our time, while in Waynesville/Maggie Valley,  we browsed the shops and enjoyed the crisp clean fall air and the terrific colors of the trees. Our beautiful fall adventure  t was abruptly, but briefly,  interrupted by a winter storm which rolled in on our third night.

We moved to Bear Creek RV park in Asheville, NC prior to the arrival of the storm.  We beat the storm by about 3 hours.  I  did not want to  pull Big Red through the mountains of the western NC in a snow storm.  The original forecast stated that we would get about 6″ of snow accompanied by 50 mph wind gusts.  Fortunately, this did not happen. We did get 4 inches of snow, and we had 30 mph gusts of wind.  The night of the storm was sooooooo cozy in Big Red.  The wind caused the trailer to gently rock while the snow was gently falling outside our windows.  It was our first experience camping in the snow.  We loved it!  Fortunately, all the snow melted by the time we were ready to leave.

One of the downsides of RVing in extremely cold weather or snow, is that the water has to be disconnected each night to prevent the water hose from freezing.  I am a warm weather sissy; thus, going outside in freezing weather and disconnecting water is not really all that fun.  But, it’s a necessity to prevent any damage to the pipes, etc.  Fortunately, our RV has a fresh water storage tank and a pump so it’s not like we were truly “roughing it”…but for RVing it was almost rough.

After the storm passed the next day, we took a day trip to Lake Lure, NC.  Lake Lure is about 35 miles southwest of Asheville, NC tucked in the mountains.  For movie buffs, Lake Lure is where the “lake house” scenes were shot in the iconic movie, Dirty Dancing.  “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.”.  The whole area is spectacularly gorgeous.


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