Key West- “A Living Museum of Funky & Weird Stuff”

Marti and I have come to Key West each  November for the last 10 years.  There is some mystical quality about the air in the Florida Keys.  As we approach Key Largo, heading west, we can feel the stress, tension, and worry begin to evaporate from our psyches.  We both love, love, love the Florida Keys and Key West.  But, it is a mystery why we love it so much.  We aren’t heavy drinkers, we aren’t fans of crowded and smokey bars, we  get annoyed with people who behave badly…but yet all these things occur and we accept it as part of the atmosphere.  And we still love it!

I believe our love affair with the Keys is based on the area is a bit funky, a bit weird, populated with quirky sun worshippers, lots of chickens, and great weather.   The chickens roam the streets and shops as if they own the place.  Maybe they do. There are tons of “off the beaten path” restaurants. There are the big ones, which many are world-famous, but those aren’t our favorites. We love those funky places that don’t have floors; gravel works just fine, Thank you very much. Schooner Wharf, Hurricane Hole, Harpoon Harry’s, Blue Heaven, and Salute are our favorites. On this trip we added a couple of more: Big Pine Restaurant, on Big Pine Key, which serves OVERSIZED breakfasts; and Square Grouper, on Cudjoe Key, is a bit more snooty than the others. Shirts are actually required at the Square Grouper!

A pictorial of our favorite dining spots on this trip:

Every trip to the Florida Keys and Key West includes God’s tapestries of Beautiful Sunsets and Sunrises. At Mallory Square, Key West, every night at Sunset, a Sunset Party is held. There are street performers, bars, and vendors all along the square, in anticipation of the daily sunset. We did not make it over to Mallory Square this year for a sunset party, but I have included a couple of pics from earlier visits.

Key West is full of interesting architecture and some unusual “sculptures”. Chickens are everywhere, in fact, they may be considered a protected species.

I have only touched on a few things that are appealing about the Keys and Key West. There is so much more Key West offers. A visit to the Florida Keys oughta be on everyone’s bucket list.

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