Intro to Big Red.

Big Red is our Trailer. It’s a 38 foot toy hauler. For the unknowing, a toy hauler, is a trailer that has space at the back of the trailer with a loading ramp where golf carts, motorcycles, or bicycles can be transported. We normally load our bicycles in the “garage”. The “garage” which is the toy hauler compartment, also doubles as my traveling office for my business AND it’s our guest room. The guest room is utilized by my adult children. More on that later.

Full View of Big Red.
Full View of Big Red.

This particular trailer (5th wheel) is divided into 3 sections. The part of the trailer that extends over the bed of the truck is the bedroom, closets, and the bathroom. Inside, two steps down, you enter the center section.
The center section is the primary living quarter in this trailer. On the “drivers side” is the sofa, recliner, and guest chair; all of this is contained within the slideout. On the opposite side (passenger side) is the full kitchen, which includes the stove, sink, microwave, and refrigerator.
The rear third of the trailer is the “toy hauler” part. This is where we stow our bicycles and other stuff while we are in route. When we are parked at our campsite, this part of the trailer is usually transformed into my office. I can continue to work and effectively manager our business from this office. When others are traveling with us, we transform this area into a guest room. There are two King size beds (bunks) that are raised to the ceiling when not in use, and lowered with an automatic lift upon demand. The toyhauler offers us a lot of flexibility and we can accomodate our adult children and their 3 kids quite cozily.




Our rolling house has served us well. This is our 4th generation trailer and we hope to keep it for a very long time.


  1. I love how Marti has personalized the decor. Especially like the blacksplash to the stove. Also, did Marti do the painting behind the bed?? Very nice


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