I am 63 years.  My wife and I have owned a restaurant since 1997.  I have been in the restaurant business since my sophomore year in high school (1969).  My bride, since 1973, is my partner in life.  She is 65 years.  She is a retired school teacher and is now a part time worker in our restaurant.  We love this whole RVing “thing”.  We have been doing this since the summer of 2008.  There is something free and inspiring about hitting the road to see all of the great sights of this country as well as talking to the multitudes of people who live an alternate lifestyle.  RVing has become our passion.

We are Rolling House Gypsies.  We wander our great country along the major highways as well as the back roads that will tolerate the immensity of a 38 foot 5th wheel.  As we move from one destination to the next, we rejoice in the strangeness of the journey, and the newness of the experience.  Rarely, are we bored.

I hope we can bring you along as we document some of these adventures, our outlook on life and the lifestyles we encounter, and finally a bit about the small towns we visit.  We will even “throw in” for your enjoyment, some stories about our beach restaurant, as we maneuver this great land we call home.

-Joe and Marti Petro

Rolling House Gypsies
Coconut Joe’s Beach Grill

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